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I have a Source file that contains parent child relationship records in multilevel. Example:

ID  ParentID    Name
A1  NULL        Sam
B1  NULL        Sri
A2  A1      Nick
B2  B1      Sree
A3  A2      Nish
A4  A3      Raj


A1 --> A2 --> A3 --> A4

A1 --> Parent of A2
A2 -->Parent of A3
A3 --> Parent of A4


B1 --> Parent of B2

Now I have to load these records into Destination table like below with Identity column.

ID  ParentID     Name
1   NULL        Sam
2   NULL        Sri
3   1       Nick
4   2       Sree
5   3       Nish
6   5       Raj

Now thing is that, There is no fixed level (How deep that relationship goes).

-   Is there any way to load in one go all records ?
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Can you add additional columns to your destination table?

If so:

  1. Add two columns SourceId and SourceParentId do your Destination table
  2. During data flow store NULL in destination's ParentID and ID and ParentID from source in SourceId and SourceParentId respectively. After this step your Destination Table Should look similar to:
    ID  ParentID Name SourceId SourceParentId
    1   NULL     Sam  A1       NULL
    2   NULL     Sri  B1       NULL
    3   NULL     Nick A2       A1
    4   NULL     Sree A2       A1
    5   NULL     Nish A3       A2
    6   NULL     Raj  A4       A3
  3. In Execute SQL Task execute on destination following SQL:
    update dest set [ParentID] = src.ID
    from [dbo].[Destination] dest inner join [dbo].[Destination] src 
    on dest.[SourceParentId] = src.[SourceId]
    which will update your ParentID.
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