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I want to implement a Quiz type application where the Question is of two type.

1) MCQ type which have 1 Question and 4 Options (One of this is answer).

2) It will display two images and tap the difference between original and dummy image (May be its has 4 (or any random count) difference).

That both type questions display randomly. Now the problem is in type 2 question, both Images is load dynamically then how can I set the UIButton on dummy images where the differences between original and dummy images, if the image will display dynamically? because the images are different in each time.

May I set pixel in database with the ImageId for where is the difference between that two images? or It has the other alternate solution rather then this?

If related any documentation or any link then please help me.


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2 Methods

  • You can setup the button above the imageviews(using the same frame) using button type custom not adding an image you will have a blank buttonand use its touchevent for the purpose
  • Using gesture recognizer you can set up touch event on the imageviews itself

Use Asyncimageview to load images asynchronously

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Bittu, for each image, you should store :

  1. Image ID
  2. Difference in the image (location / pixel) & map it to Image-ID

So, when you dynamically display an image, fetch the differences (which are stored in the Database, which is mapped to its image ID) & use it to check if the user has tapped/touched on the differences correctly.

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i know that concept but i need alternate solution for it b'coz images will changes in database on every month – Bittu Oct 5 '12 at 13:55

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