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not really sure where to start here other then to dive into CF (I REALLY don't want to do that) but....

I have an NSURLConnection signing OAuth2 requests to an ASP.NET WebAPI Resource Server, this resource server returns JSON body AND statusCode 400. I have yet to find a way to parse the data from the response when it returns code 400.

Does anyone here have any ideas? I would prefer to keep using NSURLConnection as this is only an OAuth2 consumer class. My other code is using restkit, but I do not want the OAuth2 end to require said library.

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This I know, I know exactly what the response from the service is because I own both the resource and client ends, NSURLConnection returns 400, but then the "Body" is Bad Request instead of what it should be which is the JSON: { "error":"invalid_grant", "error_description":"Invalid Username/Password" } – Holyprin Oct 5 '12 at 15:09

The process to parse data from a request which returns status 400 should be identical to that of a request returning status 200.

Simply note the status code in -connection:didReceiveResponse: and allow the request to continue; you will receive any additional data that the server sends in -connection:didReceiveData: as usual. Finally, you'll get a -connectionDidFinishLoading: call when all data has been received, and you can parse the JSON there.

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This does not work, didReceiveData still returns "Bad Request" instead of the json, and I cannot parse the data out of just a connection object in connectionDidFinishLoading. Obviously this looks like I have to use Core Foundation and throw these junk NSURL objects away, you CAN receive a 400 statuscode and a body, it's not against standards. – Holyprin Oct 5 '12 at 16:27
How did you get a Bad Request in your -connection:didReceiveData: method? Just take the NSData object that's passed in and append it to any existing server data. It's fine to receive additional data even if the status code is 400 - see the Github API, for example. – jatoben Oct 5 '12 at 17:03
Sorry, I didn't see that the data contains "Bad Request" instead of the JSON that you expect. In this case, the server is sending you bad data. Check the Accept header as mentioned below; you can also use a proxy app like Charles to watch the traffic between your app and the web service. – jatoben Oct 5 '12 at 17:12

Does your HTTP request Accept header specify "application/json"? If so, then this is probably an IIS bug and not iOS.

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yes it does and no it is not, I'm able to parse the response from a windows app too using HttpResponseMessages. I ended up overriding the library I'm using that returns 400's and changed them to 401's which is what I believe they should be anyway for that particular error. – Holyprin Oct 5 '12 at 18:13

Interestingly enough, MVC4 ActionResult is broken in the RTM. Switching it over to Pure WebApi and fine tuning the response, I was able to finesse it into returning the proper data, it was likely serializing the json improperly which other languages weren't catching.

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Oddly enough, the json did not look wrong in fiddler. It's fixed now I'll stick with it :-P – Holyprin Oct 5 '12 at 19:50

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