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I have this message received from an IRC server

:shiplu!shiplu@example.com PRIVMSG &channel :bot: Poor baby!\r\n

Here PRIVMSG is command. The rest part at the right is &channel :bot: Poor baby!

Now what is the last parameter? :bot: Poor baby! or Poor baby!

On the RFC2810 Section 2.3.1 It written that

    nospcrlfcl =  %x01-09 / %x0B-0C / %x0E-1F / %x21-39 / %x3B-FF
                    ; any octet except NUL, CR, LF, " " and ":"
    middle     =  nospcrlfcl *( ":" / nospcrlfcl )
    trailing   =  *( ":" / " " / nospcrlfcl )

Now if :bot: Poor baby! is the last parameter how can it contain any colon? nospcrlfcl is defined not to contain any colon. If Poor baby! is the last parameter how can :bot: become middle?

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The trailing (last) parameter is flagged with a colon and may contain spaces. Middle parameters may not contain spaces, and may not start with a colon.

So &channel is a "middle" and bot: Poor baby! (without the leading colon) is "trailing".

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