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Currently I'm experiencing a little logical problem. Assume I have an object where I store several mapdata for my tileengine and a jQuery extension which calculates the x and y positions of the clicked tile.


        var mapdata = {
            dimensions: {x: 10, y: 10},
            tileSize: 32

        $.fn.getpos = function(type){
            var xpos = $(this)%mapdata.dimensions.y;
            var ypos = Math.floor($(this)/mapdata.dimensions.y);

            else if(type == 'x')
                return xpos;
            else if(type == 'y')
                return ypos;
                return {x: xpos, y:ypos}


The problem is clear to me. I'm trying to access the mapdata object which is not available within the scope of getpos(). Is there a way I can acomplish this? Otherwise I'd need to pass my mapdata to every extension I'm going to make.

Thank you in advance. Sincerly, Thomas

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mapdata is in the scope of $.fn.getpos when called in the click handler. What error are you getting? Perhaps it has to do with treating $(this) like a number? – Mike McCaughan Oct 5 '12 at 14:13
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When you define the getpos() function it inherits the scope at the very same moment, so mapdata as it is defined now should be visible to it.

Try console.log($(this)) inside getpost(). Probably it has value what you don't expect with math operations.

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Thank you. $(this) was an object while I was expecting an integer – thpl Oct 5 '12 at 14:26

When a global variable is set, it is assigned to the window object. Try window.mapdata.

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