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I am having a hard time with preg_match, this is an earlier question I asked:

Using a string as an expression to be send to eval() and replacing a sub-string with a vriable value PHP

Now I am trying to give str a preg_match like the following:

$str =  "return (!(preg_match('/[^A-Za-z$]+/', ##replace##)));"

If I am correct this will return TRUE if I give ##replace## the value "ValueWithNumber4",

So where is the issue and how am I supposed to change it?

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Why are you using eval for gods sake? – Vyktor Oct 5 '12 at 14:14

preg_match doesn't replace anything, it matches. It returns true if the value in ##replace## matches the expression given (it will since there is a non-Alpha/$ in "ValueWithNumber4." -- and it does, I tested it) I think that your expression is incorrect, though. You probably want

/* or */ /^[a-z]+$/i
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$str is going to be thrown to str_replace to replace ##replace## by "ValueWithNumber4" and then used in an eval... – Salketer Oct 5 '12 at 14:15

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