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I am in the very early stages of finding a tool that can create "intelligent" dynamic PDFs on a web server, with a particular kind of desired intelligence: when the PDF is "invoked" (opened, launched) it reads command-line arguments that are then used by the javascript embedded in the PDF to make SOAP calls. Some pseudo-code to clarify:

// web-server pseudo code
ACROBAT acrobat = new ACROBAT();
acrobat.Open(PDFName, args[]);

// pseudo-code running inside the PDF enviroment

function MakeSOAPCall()
    custid = thisPDF.GetCommandLineArguments("CustomerID");  // extracts a value from args[]
    // now build a SOAP call using custid as one of the parameters

Is it possible to do that with Acrobat Pro?

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Even if it is possible, I suggest you study the Acrobat EULA. IIRC they don't allow network access to it. They will happily sell you their PDF library, though. –  Martin Schröder Oct 5 '12 at 23:24
@Martin Schroeder: they're all in Arabic!… –  Tim Oct 6 '12 at 2:12

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