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I am trying to insert data in database(mysql) but not successful when i am trying to add data with single or double quotes.Its working fine otherwise(without Quote). I know we have to use mysql_real_escape_string in such situations.But i am using joomla framework where this function is not working.

My code is below:

function insert($table, $array) {
$db = JFactory::getDBO();
 $query = "INSERT INTO ".$table;
  $fis = array();
  $vas = array();
  foreach($array as $field=>$val) {

 $x= implode(",",$val);

   $fis[] = "`$field`";//you must verify keys of array outside of function;
                         //unknown keys will cause mysql errors;
                         //there is also sql injection risc;
    $vas[] = "'".$x."'";
$query .= " (".implode(", ", $fis).") VALUES (".implode(", ", $vas).")";
insert('#__storage_companies',JRequest::get( 'post' ));

Please tell me how to get rid of this.

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It giving me this error DB function failed with error number 1064 – Ankush Kalia Oct 5 '12 at 14:42
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See JDatabaseDriver::quote. Used like $db->quote($value). Also to quote field names, use $db->quoteName($value).

Take a look at Preparing the query from the Joomla wiki.

You code should be like:

$fis[] = $db->nameQuote($field);
$vas[] = $db->quote($x);
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Could you not escape the quotes yourself?

Just do:

$val = str_replace(array("'", '"'), array("\\'", '\\"'), $val);
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While the question was specific to some JFactory Code, your answer, which is more generic helped me! Thanks. – Nirav Zaveri Aug 12 '13 at 18:59
Watch out using this code in production. It is insecure! Think about when someone enters '\\/**/' into a field, which is just one example. – twicejr Jun 18 '14 at 12:30

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