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I have created a form using DataRepeater and I have an XML file that I deserialize into a class. I then created a dataset to represent the class. I bind the dataset to my DataRepeater. I have also created some labels and textboxes and bind them to the appropriate data from my dataset.

The following are the codes:

 TagLabel.DataBindings.Add("Text", ds, "Tag");
 PrecedenceLabel.DataBindings.Add("Text", ds, "Precedence"); 
 DataTypeLabel.DataBindings.Add("Text", ds, "DataType");           
 LengthLabel.DataBindings.Add("Text", ds, "Length");           
 ValueTextBox.DataBindings.Add("Text", ds, "Value");           
 MaxTextBox.DataBindings.Add("Text", ds, "Maximum");           
 MinTextBox.DataBindings.Add("Text", ds, "Minimum");           
 OverflowTextBox.DataBindings.Add("Text", ds,"OverflowBehaviour");

 bindingsource.DataSource = ds;
 dataRepeater.DataSource = bindingsource;
 dataRepeater.DataMember = "Preference";

After this, I want to hide ValueTextbox if it's DataTypeLebel is "Autoinrement". The following are the codes:

for (int i = 0; i < dataRepeater.ItemCount; i++)            
dataRepeater.CurrentItemIndex = i;

 if (((Label)dataRepeater.CurrentItem.Controls["DataTypeLabel"]).Text == "AutoIncrement")                
 ((TextBox)dataRepeater.CurrentItem.Controls["ValueTextBox"]).Visible = false;           

After I have done this and run the project, in this case according to my XML file, I am expecting only data repeater row 5 has its ValueTextBox hidden. However, as I scroll the form. I can see some other rows showing invisible VallueTextBox. It is worse when I scroll up and down and the hidden textboxes are every where. Can anyone suggest what I have done wrong please?

I have also tried virtual mode and update the controls and make textbox invisible based on condition in the event handler dataeRepeater_itemValueNeeded and the same problem occurs.

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If you set a property in a conditional statement such as If…Then, you must also use an Else clause to specify the appearance when the condition is not met. Try this:

if (((Label)dataRepeater.CurrentItem.Controls["DataTypeLabel"]).Text    == "AutoIncrement")                  

 ((TextBox)dataRepeater.CurrentItem.Controls["ValueTextBox"]).Visible = false;             


 ((TextBox)dataRepeater.CurrentItem.Controls["ValueTextBox"]).Visible = true;         
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