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I'm new to Vim, and I want to create a Vim function to make a CMake file.

It doesn't work, and I don't know how should I do it, so the relevant part of my code is:

function! CMake_CV()
let @d=@%:t
:split CMakeLists.txt<CR>iproject( <Esc>"dpi )<CR><Esc>:wq<CR>

It is supposed to copy the name of the current file without the extension to a variable, and then copy it to the new file and save and close it.

It says, that @%:t is an invalid expression, and that only one file name is allowed.


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Well, I solved the problem.

let @d=expand('%:t')
:split CMakeLists.txt
execute "normal i" "project( ".@d ")"
execute "normal gg=G"
execute ":wq"

I didn't know the execute command.

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