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A normal page-flow with jQuery mobile looks somewhat like this:

  1. Starts on static page (foo.html)
  2. Clicks link
  3. End up on another static page (bar.html)

I need to alter this behavior. I'm looking for something like this instead:

  1. Starts on static page (foo.html)
  2. Clicks link
  3. Gathers json from server (based on i.e a how a form looks)
  4. Renders the other page (bar.html) based on the data gathered from the previous step

Normally, I'd simply do this via a PHP-script with POST/GET. However, the project is a PhoneGap project, so this isn't an alternative.

One possible solution is if I somehow can point the first page's form to the second one, hence the second one is able to pick up the first page's post-parameters. This feels quite hackish, though. I'd also prefer to parse the second page before showing it, which makes even more complicated.

How can I achieve this behavior? Or rather; how to pass data between pages?

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$.mobile.changePage("newPage.html", {data:{param1:'value1'}});

and then on newPage.html

var url = $.url(document.location);
var param1 = url.param("param1");

Does this help you?

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This is exactly what I'm looking for. However, the document.location returns the URL of the first page; not the URL of the page which I just changed to (.. which has the data in the location.search property). I'm using JQM 1.1.1 if that matters. –  Zar Oct 5 '12 at 15:39

There are also pagebeforechange and pagebeforeshow events which may help you achieve what you want.


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