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I've tried 3 different type of addon to find a portlet for show the maps, but none of them works. I've tried collective.geo.bundle, Products.Maps and Products.ATGoogleMaps. My goal is the have a map with filter like this: and an addon that has a portlet for the maps. Is there a solution?

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As Plone is open source, only your imagination is the limit what you can do with it. So, yes there is a solution. However, sometimes it takes skills and resources to accomplish those goals :)

Because your use case is not common, Plone or its add-ons might not provide such functionality out of the box. In your case you are looking very advanced AJAX and specific functionality.

I have seen some similar maps on a Plone site:

In this case it looks like they use some or all of the following packages


You might still need to customize the functionality a lot to get the output what you want from it. It this case you need to write an add-on layer customizing Plone functionality further

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