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I am trying to achieve the ability to add PDF uploads to an existing image upload function I've inherited. I've noticed that I'm not able to use getimagesize on PDFs. Is there a way to determine the dimensions of a PDF using PHP? - Or - Would it be better to hardcode the dimensions when uploading PDFs.

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Is converting the PDF to an JPEG, then getting the size of the image out of the question? stackoverflow.com/questions/9227014/… –  Eric Leschinski Oct 5 '12 at 14:56
@EricLeschinski If at all possible I want to keep them PDFs, but I'm not opposed to using a plugin to find the size. –  Jeremy A Oct 5 '12 at 15:01

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Option 1

The pdfinfo.exe (part of the XPDF tools) has the parameters to specify which page, or all pages to get the dimensions.

    $output = shell_exec("pdfinfo ".$your_pdf_file_or_url);

    // find page count
    preg_match('/Pages:\s+([0-9]+)/', $output, $pagecountmatches);
    $pagecount = $pagecountmatches[1];

    // find page sizes
    preg_match('/Page size:\s+([0-9]{0,5}\.?[0-9]{0,3}) x ([0-9]{0,5}\.?[0-9]{0,3})/', 
         $output, $pagesizematches);
    $width = round($pagesizematches[1]/2.83);
    $height = round($pagesizematches[2]/2.83);

    echo "pagecount = $pagecount <br>width = $width<br>height = $height";



Get the layout mode (landscape or portrait) of a pdf from php/linux

PHP Get height and width in Pdf file proprieties

Option 2

If you are on a linux server with Image Magick installed:

$command = escapeshellcmd('identify -format "%wx%h" ' . $path_to_pdf) . '[0]';
$geometry = `$command`;
list($width, $height) = split("x", $geometry);

Then you can access the dimensions through $width and $height.


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That's kinda where I landed on this, I was just hoping for a more 'built-in' way to do this. –  Jeremy A Oct 5 '12 at 15:14

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