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I use the 'svn mergeinfo' command to fetch information about the changes that should be merged from branch to trunk. This command returns only the list of revisions, for example: r18427 r18428 r18429 ...

I would like to fetch also the comments that are added during committing those changes to svn to prepare such kind of output, ex: r18427 - "the code was formated" r18428 - "added a procedure to ..." r18429 - "removed one redundant variable" ... Do you know how to get detailed information about revision, what is a command that can do this ?

Thanks for any help and suggestion, rafi

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You can use the svn log command to get comments for a specific revision. With a little scripting you can get the comments for the list of revisions returned from the mergeinfo command

svn log <repo url> -r <rev #>
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