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im writing a chrome extenstion that do some simple stuff. now, i made a .txt file that hold some url's, and stored it in the same directory, the .js file that hold the logic, to read from him and write to him (which i will create when i know how too).

the problem is, i didnt find any info about accessing file with javascript.

so i thoghot mybee is not possible?

*the extenstion will not be upload the chrome store, so it will be working only on my PC.

*if is not possible, can u recommed me for a diffrent way to achive this?

(sorry for my english)

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chrome.* API does not provide any methods to perform file I\O. However, it allows you to read\write data using chrome.storage API, or using more old-fashioned chrome.cookies API. I recommend to use chrome.storage to achieve your goal.

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