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So assuming that in our work environment we've decided that the One True Faith forbids this:

if (something) 

And instead we want:

if (something) {

Is there a tool that will do that automagically? Awesomest would be to have eclipse just do it, but since we're really just recovering from one ex-employee that thought he was too pretty for coding conventions, a less-friendly tool that would do it right just once would suffice.

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So is this a Java specific question or does this apply to other languages where blocks are a part of the language? – demongolem Jul 31 '12 at 17:46
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I think you can set this in Eclipse's formatting rules and run the built-in formatter.. e.g. the "Use blocks" option:

Code Style Tab

Of course, you need the rest of the formatting options to be set how you want them, since I don't think you can selectively apply only a single rule/option..

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Ah, it's actually not a formatter, but a "Clean Up": Preferences -> Java -> Code Style -> Clean Up

And then to execute. Source -> Clean Up As opposed to Source -> Format

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I believe that GreatCode can do this for you (along with a ton of other options)

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