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Moving from JSF to Wicket I continue my habits of having all JPA operations in a EJB facade use the container's transaction management. I use and know wicket-cdi for injection, which works fine.

Unfortunately, if I inject an EJB in a wicket page, the serialization checks of wicket complain that it is not serializable. This is true for EJB, I suppose since they are proxied.

My thinking is blocked at this point. How can I use jpa with container managed transactions with wicket? All examples I goggled are just reading data or are using Spring, what I do not want to do.

Thank You Dieter

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have a look at – bert Oct 5 '12 at 16:19
Thank You, I knew wthis already and I forgot to tell I use wicket-cdi, works fine. The point of my question is mentioned in the second article: "At this point we have the minimum possible integration of Hibernate and CDI. There are a couple of caveats which we will fix in a later post: No declarative transaction management such as @Transactional or another mechanism. No way to use EntityManager outside a web-thread because worker threads do not have a conversation" – Dieter Tremel Oct 6 '12 at 5:21

I repeated the question in the wicket-users mailing list and it was an interesting thread with 3 solutions.

One of them is my idea of encapsulating the EJB in a LoadableDetachableModel and realize the load by a JNDI lookup of the bean. See

A little more generic solution I posted in my blog, sorry only in german language.

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