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My professor asks us to submit out projects in WAR files, and he says my project will get a 0 if the WAR doesn't include my .JAVA file.

I see it includes the .CLASS file but he said thats not enough, how can i get the .WAR file to pack with the .JAVA inside of it?

EDIT: To compress the file i'm using the clean and build option in Netbeans. the WAR file appears in the build folder

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how are you generating the war now? –  Woot4Moo Oct 5 '12 at 15:43

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If this is in Eclipse, you will include source under the export WAR option.


In the war export panel, there should be an "Excluded file types" make sure to remove *.java

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it's in NetBeans –  David Moran Oct 5 '12 at 15:43
NetBeans also should have an option. It's general. –  Suzan Cioc Oct 5 '12 at 15:45
@DavidMoran updated. –  Woot4Moo Oct 5 '12 at 15:47
Found it, thanks! had to right click on the project and go through the properties menu –  David Moran Oct 5 '12 at 15:49

WAR file is just an archive, understandable with any ZIP archiver, like 7-zip. You can put anything you want into WAR.

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Look for section "Including Source Files in the WAR File"


quoted from the link:

From the properties screen, select Build -> Packaging. Edit the Exclude From WAR File box and remove */.java,.

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What are you using to create the WAR file? If you use apache ant then add a copy task to your build.xml and then reference it in the default target e.g. with <target name="dist" depends="copy-source"/>

The task might look something like:

<target name="copy-source">
  <echo>Copying source files...</echo>
  <copy todir="${app.dir}/src">
    <fileset dir="${javasrc.dir}">
      <include name="**/*.java"/>

ps. It is best to define the variables in an external build.properties file and never use hard-coded values in build.xml. Also, have a look at http://ant.apache.org/manual/Tasks/war.html and http://ant.apache.org/manual/Tasks/copy.html

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In Netbeans.Right click your project. Select Project Properties.It will open a Project properties window. Select Build->Packaging from the Categories Tab. In the window that appears on right hand side, there is a text field: Exclude from WAR file. In that text field default value is: /.java,/.form. In that text field remove the */.java value and click Ok. Now clean and build project. Now you will find the war file exported with .java sources under dist directory of your project.

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