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I am trying to produce a text editor similar to word (paginated) in PySide.

The way I decided to tackle this is having a QGraphicsScene with QGraphicsTextItem for each page, and to code the focus by interaction.

Now all I am trying to do now is have a box representing an A4 page, and handling textchanged events using the QGraphicsTextItem.document().pageCount() function.

I bumped into several issues:

  1. How can I properly define the size of the page given the QSizeF is not using any units? Will defining this right guarantee a true return value from pageCount()?

  2. If I define a pageSize at all, QGraphicsTextItem stops expanding. How can I set a fixed size so It'll look like a page?

Documentation for Qt is extremely light and I could not figure anything out of it.

Thank you for helping

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While there is clear questions, the answers heavily depends about all of your code and what exactly you want to accomplish. I would recommend you to read this BOOK because its brilliant explanations about python and Qt.

In chapter 12 you may find explanations for your problems, and encountering problems as well. In subchapter "Custom and Interactive Graphics Items" the author codes the example for the app similar to yours.

from the book about page size :

PageSize = (612, 792)
PointSize = 10
MagicNumber = 0x70616765
FileVersion = 1
Dirty = False
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