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I know that TypeScript is new, but just playing around with it.

I have tried converting a few .js files that uses jQuery and for intellisense to work I need to reference the jquery.d.ts file in the top like

 /// <reference path="jquery.d.ts" />

That's fine, but then you also need to have the file in the same directory. What i want is to reference typing file globally, instead of relative to the file, so if I move the js file, I don't have to correct the reference path to the typing file.

Is it possible to make them relative to the solution or maybe have it placed in a global folder that is automatically loaded.

I use the web essentials for visual studio 2012, so i get preview and other nice features.

Hope there is a solution for this.

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In the "Reference Directives" section of this link, it says the following is supported:

/// <reference path="~/Scripts/ScriptFile4.js" />

However, I couldn't get it working for typescript files. I guess it's not supported for typescript.

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Global or project relative paths are not supported. There's a feature request for it here:

Absolute root path for reference / import


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