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I have a div and want to find the bottom position. I can find the top position of the Div like this, but how do I find the bottom position?

var top = $('#bottom').position().top;
return top;
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Add the outerheight to the top and you have the bottom:

var bottom = $('#bottom').position().top+$('#bottom').outerHeight(true)
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Worked like a charm. Thanks! –  lagwagon223 Oct 5 '12 at 16:27
Beauty!! This works awesome! –  tim687 Sep 29 at 15:25

The answers so far will work.. if you only want to use the height without padding, borders, etc.

If you would like to account for padding, borders, and margin, you should use .outerHeight.

var bottom = $('#bottom').position().top + $('#bottom').outerHeight(true);
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The bottom is the top + the outerHeight, not the height, as it wouldn't include the margin or padding.

var $bot,
$bot = $('#bottom');
top = $bot.position().top;
bottom = top + $bot.outerHeight(true); //true is necessary to include the margins
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var bottom = $('#bottom').position().top + $('#bottom').height();
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var top = ($('#bottom').position().top) + ($('#bottom').height());
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