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I have made a call to qt4_wrap_cpp(moc_outfiles ${moc_header}) and I want the results of that call (moc_outfiles) to be placed in a folder called GeneratedFiles/Debug.

So far what I tried to make my own custom method that failed due to parsing error Parse error. Expected "(", got quoted argument with text "${it}".

FOREACH (it ${moc_headers})
    QT_MOC_EXECUTABLE ${it} -o ./GeneratedFiles/Debug/moc_"${it}"
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It looks like you need the execute_process command. Also, you probably don't want the quotes round ${it} in your output filename:

FOREACH(it ${moc_headers})
    EXECUTE_PROCESS(COMMAND ${QT_MOC_EXECUTABLE} ${it} -o ./GeneratedFiles/Debug/moc_${it})

You may need to add the WORKING_DIRECTORY argument too - I'm unfamiliar with Qt's moc exe.

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This solution does not work for me. I may not understand how CMake work. Is it after I run the CMake script and run the project the files should be generated? –  andre Oct 12 '12 at 13:58

Instead of using qt4_wrap_cpp you could use the qt4_generate_moc macro, which takes a single file to be moced and an output path. With this macro you can construct something similar to what qt4_wrap_cpp does.

#qt4_wrap_cpp( moc_outfiles ${moc_headers} )
foreach(moc_hdr ${moc_headers})
  GET_FILENAME_COMPONENT(moc_name ${moc_hdr} NAME_WE)
  SET (moc_out ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/GeneratedFiles/moc_${moc_name}.cxx)
  QT4_GENERATE_MOC( ${moc_in} ${moc_out} )
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