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Hi we are facing the problem with escape key in our web application. If user press the escape key the web application gets stop loading. I tried using all these with(onkeydown and onkeyup)

document.attachEvent("onkeydown", win_onkeydown_handler);
window.attachEvent("onkeydown", win_onkeydown_handler);
window.document.attachEvent("onkeydown", win_onkeydown_handler);

I cant able detect the escape(KeyCode=27) in my web application .. but i am able to detect refresh,f5 and all other keys

Note: i face this problem in IE

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Do you mean while the page still hasn't finished loading? If that's the case, that's normal behavior, it's a browser keyboard shortcut. –  bfavaretto Oct 5 '12 at 16:10
Yes, the page stopped loading when escape key is pressed. So if escape key is consider as shortcut then F5 is also same. But here i can detect and control F5 key –  sasikals26 Oct 5 '12 at 16:18
What is the content of your win_onkeydown_handler function? Make sure you have set event.returnValue = false; and e.cancelBubble = true; –  steveukx Oct 5 '12 at 16:19
@steveukx : I cant able detect the escape keycode itself.. if i pressed escape key its not entered into win_onkeydown_handler() itself –  sasikals26 Oct 5 '12 at 16:26
Can you post your code for what you use to determine what key code it is? –  Ian Oct 5 '12 at 16:32

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This helps me to prevent escape in iframe

function disableEscapeAndRefresh(){
    if(window.frames && window.frames[0]){
        for (var i_tem = 0; i_tem < window.frames.length; i_tem++){
            if(document.all && document.body.filters)
                window.frames[i_tem].document.onkeydown = new Function("var e=window.frames["+i_tem+"].event; if(e.keyCode==116){e.keyCode=0;alert('Refresh Not Allowed');return false;}if(e.keyCode==27){e.keyCode=0;alert('Escape Not Allowed');return false;};");


call this method in iframe onload

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I don't think there's any way to trap that... it's the equivalent of clicking the X to stop the page loading.

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Assuming that you are targeting versions of IE that have attachEvent enabled, you can use this to detect the escape key being pressed. The handling of the event is the usual code for preventing default event behaviour, though this may not work on cancelling the page download as this may be seen as a security flaw (imagine the unscrupulous developer that wants to prevent the user from cancelling a malicious download):

document.attachEvent('onkeydown', function(){
  if(window.event.keyCode == 27) {
    window.event.returnValue = false; 
    window.event.cancelBubble = true;


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