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In a very large file I need to find the position (line number) of a string, then extract the 2 lines above and below that string.

To do this right now - I launch vi, find the string, note it's line number, exit vi, then use sed to extract the lines surrounding that string.

Is there a way to streamline this process... ideally without having to run vi at all.

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You can do

grep -C 2 yourSearch yourFile 

To send it in a file, do

grep -C 2 yourSearch yourFile > result.txt
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This with -n is the most concise. – InternetSeriousBusiness Oct 5 '12 at 16:31

Maybe using grep like this:

grep -n -2 your_searched_for_string  your_large_text_file

Will give you almost what you expect

-n : tells grep to print the line number

-2 : print 2 additional lines (and the wanted string, of course)

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you can use cat -n to display the line numbers and then use awk to get the line number after a grep in order to extract line number:

cat -n FILE | grep WORD | awk '{print $1;}'

although grep already does what you mention if you give -C 2 (above/below 2 lines):

grep -C 2 WORD FILE
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You can do it with grep -A and -B options, like this:

grep -B 2 -A 2 "searchstring" | sed 3d

grep will find the line and show two lines of context before and after, later remove the third one with sed.

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Use grep -n string file to find the line number without opening the file.

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