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I bound an event on the change event of my select elements with this:

$('select').on('change', '', function (e) {


How can I access the element which got selected when the change event occurs?

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$('select').on('change', function (e) {
    var optionSelected = $("option:selected", this);
    var valueSelected = this.value;
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What does the $("selector", this) syntax mean? I have a general idea, but I'm not totally sure –  JoshWillik Jan 20 at 22:08
@JoshWillik with $("selector", this) you are finding all selector elements inside this's context. Writing $("selector", this) is almost the same than $(this).find('selector') –  Bellash Jan 24 at 15:07
Is there a documentation for this somewhere? I looked around the jQuery docs and didn't find anything. –  JoshWillik Jan 24 at 15:14
@JoshWillik: since $() is an alias of jQuery(), you can find the documentation here: api.jquery.com/jQuery The signature stated there is obviously jQuery( selector [, context ] ). @Bellash: if it's "almost the same", what is the difference? Or what is faster? I prefer .find() since this is more OO IMO... –  Adrian Föder May 7 at 6:54
 $('select').change(function () {
     var optionSelected = $(this).find("option:selected");
     var valueSelected  = optionSelected.val();
     var textSelected   = optionSelected.text();
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If you want to retrieve the value of an input field e.g. select, text input, etc. you can use-



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