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I have code in method which asserts( ) that a parameter falls within a given range. I'd like to test illegal parameters using a SenTest test case.

My first assumption was that I should use STAssertThrows( ... ) however this reports no exception is thrown when the assert fails. Can I catch assert() fails with an STAssert... macro?

[updated to provide an example]

In class Foo.m

@interface Foo : NSObject {
    NSUInteger count;
    NSUInteger max;

@implementation Foo
-(void) bar:(char) c {
    assert( count < max );

In class TestFoo.m

@interface TestFoo : SenTestCase {
    Foo testFoo_;

@implementation TestFoo
    -(void) testBar {
        STAssertXXX( YYY );

What XXX and YYY can I use to test the failure or otherwise of the assertion in method bar: ?

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Perhaps we could help you easier if you showed us an example of an assertion you are trying to make. –  Sandro Meier Oct 5 '12 at 17:04

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If you use NSAssert (or NSAssert1, NSAssert2, etc.) instead of assert, you can catch an NSInternalInconsistencyException.

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That's great. Thanks for the pointer to NSAssert –  Dave Durbin Oct 6 '12 at 11:24

You can't catch assert because it is not an obj-c exception. To fix this, just declare your own macro MY_ASSERT(condition) which will throw an exception if the condition is not met and use it instead of standard assert.

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