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My iOS app contains rounded corners for the whole application (described here)

UIImage *overlayImg;

int offset;

if(IS_IPHONE_5) {
    overlayImg = [UIImage imageNamed:@"rounded4inch.png"];
    offset = 548;
} else {
    overlayImg = [UIImage imageNamed:@"rounded.png"];
    offset = 461;

CALayer *overlay = [CALayer layer];
overlay.frame = CGRectMake(0, 20, overlayImg.size.width,offset);
overlay.contents = (id)overlayImg.CGImage;
overlay.zPosition = 1;
[self.window.layer addSublayer:overlay];

But now my modal MFMailComposeViewController doesn't respond to touches. I cannot edit the input fields, send the mail, or dismiss it. It's just frozen and doesn't respond to touches.

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an unrelated hint: you only need one small 50x50px image for all screen sizes. just use a resizable image. (resizableImageWithCapInsets:resizingMode:) –  jaydee3 Oct 8 '12 at 18:21
@jaydee3 great hint but that doesn't solve the layering problem that prevents touch input for the mail controller ;) –  Henrik P. Hessel Oct 8 '12 at 20:33

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The solution is to hide the layer after displaying the modal mail composer

    [delegate.navigationController presentViewController:mfViewController animated:YES completion:^void() {
        CALayer* layer = (CALayer*)[delegate.window.layer.sublayers objectAtIndex:1];
        [layer setHidden:YES];

and reshow it after the modal view is dismissed

[self dismissViewControllerAnimated:YES completion:^void() {
    CALayer* layer = (CALayer*)[delegate.window.layer.sublayers objectAtIndex:1];
    [layer setHidden:NO];
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I had the same behavior. Never any problem got resolved for me by restarting the device, but this time it did. Strange.

I have the iOS 6.0 GM installed, not the over-the-air install. Maybe an issue with the GM.

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GM = released final version. they have the same build number. –  jaydee3 Oct 8 '12 at 18:17
rebooting the device didn't work for me. I've got the same behavior in the simulator though. –  Henrik P. Hessel Oct 8 '12 at 20:30
have you tried to use an additional window instead of a sublayer on the mainwindow? (and are the touches working, when you remove your extra layer?) –  jaydee3 Oct 8 '12 at 21:00

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