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First post, please be gentle :)

I am relatively new to MVC3 and am building a webapp at work.

I have several pages with CheckBoxes that turn features on/off and when they change I submit via a jQuery Ajax call and return a json success/fail to me so I can display a message.

I have some forms with a bunch of fields that I was just submitting (not with Ajax) and checking if the modelstate is valid etc.. and redisplaying the form with messages if not. I want to do this using Ajax instead.

I have a form using Ajax.BeginForm which submits properly to the controller, the model is validated and if it has errors, i return a partial view which is replaced using the UpdateTargetId.

The thing I want to do is this... If the model was valid and the save successful, I need to return a partial view nonetheless because the UpdateTargetId will replace my form no matter what. I would like to send back a 'success' flag of some kind so I can then display a message to say 'your data was saved' or something.

OnSuccess fires if the Ajax call was successful, and doesn't care if the model was valid.

I could use jQuery.Ajax to submit the form and in the controller return the return the PartialView as well as a success or fail I think?

Can anyone tell be what the best practices are when building 'Ajax' web apps?

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You may use plain javascript instead of using the Ajax.Beginform helper method to handle this.

@model ProductViewModel
<div id="divForm">
  <input type="submit" id="btnSave" />
<div id="divItem" />
<script type="text/javascript">
         e.preventDefault();   // prevent the default form submit

         var form=$(this).closest("form");
              //show message and load the new partial view if needed.

Assuming you have an HttpPost action method which accepts our form subimt and return JSON data back.

public ActionResult Edit(ProductViewModel model)
  // here you may validate the model and save if needed and return JSON back.
  //to do  : return JSON

Response JSON should be in the below format.

{ "Status" : "success", "ViewHTML" : "<p>This is some markup</p>" }

This answer explains how to return ViewResult in JSON response.

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Thanks for your response. While I was waiting I found this answer which has a similar method for retrieving the HTML from the PartialView. Is this the best practice for saving a record using Ajax and displaying the validation errors or success message as the case may be? I would rather learn the genearally accepted best practices than doing it wrong and then having to change my ways later. – mike Oct 5 '12 at 19:30

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