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I have a servlet which returns as response an html page that also includes pictures. I have those pictures stored on the file system in the Pictures folder (path: /home/andrei/Pictures). I currently have there just one photo(name: eu.jpg ) but i will add more.

So the point is that in the html code i somewhere have this: <img src="/home/andrei/Pictures/eu.jpg" alt="pic" > . But when i get the html page it doesnt display neither the photo nor the "pic" text from alt(not sure if this is normal...). I read that it may be due to the path i gave in src but i dont know exactly what to give.

So what path should i give to the src?
And is it normal not displaying the alt text
because i knew that when it cannot load the pic it shows that text.

Additional information:
IDE : Eclipse Juno
SO : Linux
Server: Tomcat 7.0

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When you send back the HTML response, the client's browser will render the document and then, send requests for additional resources in order to show the HTML document fully. That includes the images, so Tomcat must be able to serve them. If you can't put them in a folder inside WebContent from the beginning, the servlet must do the move and create the document specifying the "public route".

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and how can i make the servlet do the move? java code? – Andrew Oct 5 '12 at 17:58
You'll find yourself dealing with file handlers pointing to the local route to the file, then using a buffer to set the content of a new file in a relative path of the webapp. Troublesome. Why not adding the static resources to the web application? – Alfabravo Oct 5 '12 at 19:24
well cause the photos add dynamically so i can t just republish, the whole app also serves as an upload. would it be sth like this? 'File originalPhoto = new File("../Pictures/.."); File newPhoto = new Photo("/photoname.type"); ' and then copy the cotents using streams ? – Andrew Oct 5 '12 at 20:42
An example: a webapp I worked in served some PDF files dynamically generated outside the app itself. They had to be: 1.) moved to a public location or 2.) streambuffered to be downloaded. Here, because they are images and are not meant to be downloaded but shown, the only way is to move the images to a folder available to the container. – Alfabravo Oct 5 '12 at 20:45
and how can i make a folder available to the container? – Andrew Oct 5 '12 at 20:48

Any image you intend to display in a browser connecting a web container (Tomcat in your case) must be visible in the container. To do it, place the images in the webapp/ folder and link them properly from the servlet generating the correct tag where path is the correct http link to your file.

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The images should be part of the webapp. Absolute FS path will not work. <img> will take relative path, or absolute path wrt the website.

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