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I tried to alter the stored procedure after a successful creation.

ALTER PROCEDURE `purchaseItem`(
      IN productID INT, 
      IN quantity INT,  
      IN memID INT,
      OUT stat INT)
            DECLARE qnty INT;
            DECLARE price decimal(10,2);
            DECLARE description VARCHAR(500);

            SET qnty = (SELECT p_Unit FROM product WHERE p_ID = productID);
            IF qnty >= quantity && qnty != 0 THEN
                SELECT p_Price INTO price FROM product WHERE p_ID = productID;
                                SELECT p_Desc INTO description FROM product WHERE p_ID = productID;
                INSERT INTO purchase VALUES 
                      (NULL, productID, quantity, price, description , memID, 0, NULL);
                UPDATE product 
                SET p_Unit = (qnty - quantity) 
                WHERE p_ID = productID;
                SET stat = 0;
                SET stat = 1;
            END IF;



But, I got the following error while trying to alter the SP.

#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '( IN productID INT, IN quantity INT, IN memID INT, ' at line 1

Can someone please point out me where I'm doing wrong. Thanks!

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According to §13.1.4 "ALTER PROCEDURE Syntax" in the MySQL 5.6 Reference Manual

[…] you cannot change the parameters or body of a stored procedure using [the ALTER PROCEDURE] statement; to make such changes, you must drop and re-create the procedure using DROP PROCEDURE and CREATE PROCEDURE.

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@downvoter: Care to explain? –  ruakh Oct 5 '12 at 17:53

As You can not change body of Procedure using ALTER PROCEDURE you have to DROP and Recreate the same or use some GUI tools for EDIT/UPDATE Mysql Stored Procedure.

ex. alter procedure employeetest sql security invoker;

Note* You can change SECURITY TYPE like..INVOKER or DEFINER

GUI Tools Freeware: TOAD for Mysql.

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