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Possible Duplicate:
Autocomplete method structure in Vim

So I have smart autocomplete features on my vim, where it autocompletes '{' with '}' on a new line and redirects control to next line just like eclipse. So typing '{' and pressing enter gives me


Where '|' shows my cursor position. I want something eclipse style for ruby where as soon as write 'def' it should result in

def |

The problem is this should only take effect when 'def' is on the beginning of the line, and not otherwise.

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do you know this? – gokcehan Oct 5 '12 at 17:45
@gokcehan you should put a description of that plugin and the link to it in an answer. – Dave Rager Oct 5 '12 at 18:02
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there seems to be a plugin named endwise. I have never tried but it sound like what you need.

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For this I would also recommend a plugin. General plugins that expand text (but usually the expansion happens only you press and additional key like tab are snipmate or my favorite ultisnips.

With these plugins with the proper snippets you would type def<tab> and it would expand to what you like. I know that ultisnips gives you the option of expanding only in the beginning of line, not sure about snipmate.

Just for fun if you don't want to use a plugin you can define the following in your .vimrc and it will acomplish what you want:

imap <expr> def (getpos(".")[2] == 1) ? "def\<CR>end\<UP> ":"def"
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