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Is it possible to create a property based on string values.

I have a Json object, which used to fill the UI (select box).

"Conf" :{

Based on the selection, I need to add it to an object (Item.Conf below). addSel provides the selection type (Color, Size etc), and the value (BLUE, 11 etc). How can I add the selection as shown below. So if the choice is Color : BLUE, I need to add it as Item.Conf[0].Color.Value = "BLUE" Is it possible?

Item = {
    Conf: [],
    addSel: function(type, val){ //for example type="Size", val = "11"

        //.... need to selection to Conf 
        // add a member "Size" from type string
        //set its value as val
        console.log(Conf[0].Size.Value) //=> 11

In essence is it possible to make an object like

    "Value": 11

from strings

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JSON.parse(); –  David Oct 5 '12 at 18:27

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Your question is not entirely clear for what exactly you're trying to do, but perhaps you just need to know about using the [variable] syntax to address a property name using a string.


var x = {};
var propName = "Value";
x[propName] = 11;

This is equivalent to:

var x = {};
x.Value = 11;

But, the first form allows the property name to be a string in a variable that is not known at the time you write the code whereas the second form can only be used when the property name is known ahead of time.

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thanks.. that exactly was my qn. –  bsr Oct 5 '12 at 19:22

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