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I used to use VS2010, which had no trouble loading System.Byte[] (byte array) from a resource file, however now when I open the same resource file with Visual Studio 2012 (VS2012) crashes.

Here is a format copied from the Resources.resx file:

  <data name="BYTEARRAY_1" type="System.Byte[], mscorlib">

My question is what is wrong and how do I fix it? What is the proper format now?

A second question is how do I add a new byte array to a resource file. I see the capability to insert images, strings, files, and icon, just not a byte array.

Thanks in advance

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The solution that I took was to recode and simply insert a file as a resource. Files as a resource can load as a byte array. It was a bit of work, but at least files are easier to maintain.

Microsoft still has a bug, which they introduced in Visual Studio 2012 (VS2012), but their bug actually served me well.

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