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I have a question about the layout control by skin (Theme)

I want the img to be horizontal centered, however, the syntax of *.skin is a little different with CSS,

I write like this

<asp:image Skinid="homepage"    
  style="margin:0 auto"    

ImageAlign="Right" works! But ImageAlign="center" does not work

I have also tried Align and Float, but both of them don't work

Is anybody can sharing some solutions,really appreciated

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Here is a list of valid values for the ImageAlign property.

Try using a normal img tag instead, with either style="margin:0 auto; display: block" or within a centered paragraph.

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Yeah, before i use skin, i use normal img tag with CSS. However, here i was required to use skin, so i am a little confused! Thank you for your answer –  baby123 Oct 5 '12 at 19:36

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