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I am using a program called Netmap. I have two interfaces (eth0 and eth1) and I create a netmap instance on each of the interfaces.

Let's call the file descriptor of eth0's netmap instance as fd0. Eth1's will be fd1. Also, the event here is POLLOUT.

If I have one thread polling either interface, then poll() always returns positive. As soon as I create a 2nd thread to poll the other interface, then both of the poll() calls return 0.

Example: I create a thread to poll() on fd0. Poll() always returns a positive value. As soon as I poll() on fd1, both poll's return 0.

Why is this?

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If this still actual, you can compile netmap with verbose output and read dmesg log. What error poll returns? Another case is netmap can't poll host ring concurently? but I am not sure here. Additionaly you can read netmap_poll(() function in netmap.c. Maybe you will find something interesting for you. –  gureedo Jan 17 at 13:22
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