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I want to find number of repeated value in group using single select query. I can't use the column in group by for which I want to find number of occurrence in some group.


obsid    Name      Value                 
1        Ronak     120
2        Ronak     125   
3        Ronak     120                      
4        Pankti    130                      
5        Pankti    130
6        Sanket    140     
7        Aakash    140
8        Unnat     120

Now I want to develop select query in mysql that give me below result

obsid    Name      Value     Value_occurrence             
1        Ronak     120       2
2        Ronak     125       1              
4        Pankti    130       2              
6        Sanket    140       1
7        Aakash    140       1
8        Unnat     120       1

Thanx in advance

please let me know if any confusion


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Group by the desired columns and use COUNT to count the rows in each group:

SELECT MIN(`obsid`) AS `obsid`, `Name`, `Value`, COUNT(*) AS Value_occurrence             
FROM yourtable
GROUP BY `Name`, `Value`

Try this online demo which shows your example data and the results for the above query.

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SELECT min(obsid) AS obsid, Name, Value, COUNT(*) AS Value_occurence
FROM yourTable
GROUP BY Name, Value
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