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When I call this function, it seems to return a pointer instead of an int. When I try and NSLog the return value, I get a warning "passing argument 1 of NSLog from incompatible pointer type." And if the NSLog runs, it crashes.

Does this have to do with this being a static method? How can I get back a real int?

I am using SDK 3.0

Here is the function in question:

+(int) getZoomFromExtent: (CLLocationCoordinate2D)bottomLeft
         withMapContents: (RMMapContents*) contents;

Here is the .h code:

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import <math.h>
#import <CoreLocation/CLLocation.h>
#import "RMTile.h"
#import "RMMapContents.h"

@interface AnnasMath : NSObject {}

+(CLLocationCoordinate2D) normalizePixelCoords:(CLLocationCoordinate2D) point;
+(RMTile)tileWithCoordinate:(CLLocationCoordinate2D)point andZoom:(int)zoom;
+(NSArray *)getTileArrayWithUpperLeft:(CLLocationCoordinate2D)upperLeft andLowerRight: (CLLocationCoordinate2D)lowerRight fromZoom:(int)bottomZoom toZoom:(int)topZoom;
+(int)getTileCountWithUpperLeft:(CLLocationCoordinate2D)upperLeft andLowerRight:(CLLocationCoordinate2D)lowerRight fromZoom:(int)bottomZoom toZoom:(int)topZoom;
+(int) getZoomFromExtent: (CLLocationCoordinate2D)bottomLeft 
             withTopRight:   (CLLocationCoordinate2D)topRight
          withMapContents: (RMMapContents*) contents;


Here is the beginning of the .m code:

#import "AnnasMath.h"
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import <math.h>
#import "TileWrapper.h"

@implementation AnnasMath


I am using it as follows:

int zoom = [AnnasMath getZoomFromExtent:[[extent objectForKey:@"bottomLeft"]coordinate] 
		       withTopRight:[[extent objectForKey:@"topRight"]coordinate]

NSLog("About to set the zoom to %i", zoom);
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Notice that it says "argument 1" — whereas the variable you're looking at is argument 2. You're passing a C string as the first argument of NSLog rather than an NSString (which is written like @"something" rather than just "something").

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The correct string is:

NSLog(@"About to set the zoom to %i", zoom);
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I have a feeling you function is returning an int as you wish.

The compile warning you are recieving is actually the string argument to NSLog... it expects an Objective-C String, and you are passing it a Cstring.

add a @ before the string and all should be well.

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