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I’m using this command to run the BCP in sql server 2008:

DATE: 5OCT2012
FILENAME: Cartera_Pasiva_5OCT2012_561608.xls
FILEROUTE: \\409029-WEB1\SEKURA_REPORTES\Cartera_Pasiva_5OCT2012_561608.xls
FILETITLE: Cartera Pasiva 5OCT2012
BCP: exec master..xp_cmdshell 'BCP "EXEC SEKURA.dbo.SP_REPORTE_AUTOM_CARTERA_PASIVA ''05/10/2012''" queryout \\409029-WEB1\SEKURA_REPORTES\Cartera_Pasiva_5OCT2012_561608.xls -T -w -U -S'

And it doesn’t work and I get no error messages.

If I run this command BCP "EXEC SEKURA.dbo.SP_REPORTE_AUTOM_CARTERA_PASIVA '05/10/2012'" queryout \\409029-WEB1\SEKURA_REPORTES\Cartera_Pasiva_5OCT2012_561608.xls -T -w -U -s from CMD it woks just fine.

Im running all this directly from the server.

Please help.

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Are you getting any results back in the query results pane? You should have rows being returned which are the results from the CMD execution, regardless of failure or success. If you're not getting any rows in the query results window, your command may never be getting to the shell. – Vinnie Oct 5 '12 at 20:07
Does the SQL Server service account or xp_cmdshell proxy account have permission to write to the \\409029-WEB1\SEKURA_REPORTES share? If something works when you run it yourself it runs under your Windows account, but when the server runs it runs under the service account. This is a common source of problems. – Pondlife Oct 5 '12 at 20:17

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