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Some browsers won't allow you to re-dispatch an event that has already been dispatched, but allow you to create new event objects based on values that can be obtained from the existing event object.

Is there a generic and reusable solution that will work with any event type, or failing that, a way to do this for a specific event type (in my case I'm currently concerned with the mousewheel event)?

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did you try element.dispatchEvent(your mousewheel event) ? You should be able to instanciate a new mousewheel event I think through createEvent(). –  Sebas Oct 5 '12 at 19:39

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I found my own answer, at least for MouseEvents specifically:

function cloneMouseEvent( e ) {
    var evt = document.createEvent( "MouseEvent" );
    evt.initMouseEvent( e.type, e.canBubble, e.cancelable, e.view, e.detail, e.screenX, e.screenY, e.clientX, e.clientY, e.ctrlKey, e.altKey, e.shiftKey, e.metaKey, e.button, e.relatedTarget );
    return evt;

You can then dispatch the event on a target with:

target.dispatchEvent( evt );
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could you share with us the value for 'e', the parameter of cloneMouseEvent ? Of course it will be only the values you need, but it still can help to avoid some pitfalls... –  GameAlchemist Oct 5 '12 at 20:07
Sorry for the confusion, e is the JavaScript event object passed to the initial event handler--i.e. the one I want to clone. –  devios Oct 5 '12 at 21:20

You may want to use the (poorly documented) NWEvents library

NW.Event.dispatch(target, e.type, false, e);

Works with any event, and in older IEs too.

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