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I'm looking for a library that work exactly like but I need it in other platform, c++ or maybe python.

This is about server application for website. My app work with node.js but I need to change it for C++/python or something other. is great because it choose technology automatically to connect with server - depend which browser/hardware you use.

Any ideas?

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For C++ go with Boost.ASIO, it also allows for asynch handling and it's pretty darn fast – jozefg Oct 5 '12 at 19:47
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For Python, you could look into >> Websockets with python << Can I use Socket.IO with Django? Django is a web-framework that uses Python language.

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There is a Socket.IO implementation for python via TornadIO2, which is to be used with the Tornado async web server. I have used this when it was TornadIO 1.0

Go has one that I use, but its only compatible to Socket.IO 0.6.x:

And just look at the Wiki for other links:

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The protocol definition for is available here

I have been part of a couple of project where we decided to actually implement our own client for various reasons. It is not that hard especially since you only have to support on transport (xhr-polling is the easiest imho).

And also maybe a possibility to give back to the community....

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