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I'm creating an app using Google calendar API. Everything works fine on my local apache install, using localhost:8888/pathtoapp as the redirect URI.

I want to migrate the app to another machine on my local network. I tried changing the URI to the local ip of the new apache install. I get the following error...

Error: invalid_request
Invalid parameter value for redirect_uri: Raw IP addresses not allowed:

Any ideas on how I can use an internal IP as a redirect URI or other ways around it?


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Have you found a solution? If so, please post. –  GenieWanted Dec 31 '12 at 10:10

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Looks like the API is not allowing you to use IP addresses. Try to use network name not ip address. If you don't have access to the name, create an alias on your local machine for that specific IP.

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It's not possible...you have to stick in a domain name on a public server for testing...seems stupid to me as well :-P

Duplicate of this: Can a public IP address be used as Google OAuth redirect URI?

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Use localhost:port/redirectpath to test on local machine.

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