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I developed my first Web API and am trying to deploy it to my QA server. I created a website in IIS called I deployed my Web API to this folder and am trying to run it.

When I debug the site locally and go to


it works correctly. However, when I go to

I get a 404 error.

What am I doing wrong? Did I not upload the correct files?

When I look in my folder that I deployed my web API to I see the following items:

Folders: bin, Content, Images, Scripts, Views Files: favicon.ico, Global.asax, packages.config, Web.config

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Ok, I figured out the problems.

  1. I didn't have .Net 4.0 installed on this server so I installed it.

  2. I registered .Net 4.0 with IIS

  3. I set this website to use .Net 4.0

  4. This box was running IIS6 so I followed the advice in this article to get ASP.Net Web API to work with IIS6 ASP.Net MVC on IIS6 Walkthrough

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did you upload full source on server hosting or you compiled them firs using publish wizard and then uploaded it on hosting server ?? – Arsalan Saleem Apr 15 '15 at 9:25

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