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How to change the code so that combobox shows the list of ​​displayField values when store has nested json data.

When I edit column "name" by combobox, it shows empty list.

Ext.define("Model", {
    extend: "",
    fields: [
        {name: "id", type: "int"},
        {name: ""},
        {name: "phone", mapping: ""},
        {name: "descr", type: "string", mapping:'description'}

// store with data that we will recieve from test echo ajax service
var Store = Ext.create("", {
    model: "Model",
    autoLoad: true,
    proxy: {
        type: 'ajax',
        url: '/echo/json/',
        actionMethods: {read: 'POST'}, // echo ajax service required
        extraParams: {
            json: Ext.JSON.encode({
                root: [{id: 1, name: {name:"John", phone: "123"}, description:"Fapfapfap"},
                       {id: 2, name: {name:"Danny", phone: "234"}, description:"Boobooboo"},
                       {id: 3, name: {name:"Tom", phone: "345"}, description:"Tralala"},
                       {id: 4, name: {name:"Jane", phone: "456"}, description:"Ololo"},]
        reader: {
            type: 'json',
            root: 'root'

// and finally I have a grid panel
Ext.create("Ext.grid.Panel", {
    store: Store,
    columns: [
        {dataIndex: "id", header:"ID"},
        {dataIndex: "", header:"Name", flex: 1, editor: {xtype:"combo", store: Store, displayField:''}},
        {dataIndex: "phone", header:"Phone", flex: 1, editor: "textfield"},
        {dataIndex: "descr", header: "Description", flex: 2, editor: "htmleditor"}
    //selType: 'rowmodel',
    plugins: [Ext.create('Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing')],
    renderTo: Ext.getBody(),

Example here:

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It works as intended if I set field 'name' mapping as below.

{name: "name", mapping: ""}

And configure the grid column like this:

{dataIndex: "name", header:"Name", flex: 1, 
 editor: {xtype:"combo", store: Store, displayField:'name'}},

Changed example is here:

But I don't want to change the name of field '' to 'name' because it works as intended for grid.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem?


I have found one solution. Not the best but it works for me.

I add new field with mapping configuration dynamically to store model when combo is init as component.

Ext.define("MyCombo", {
    extend: "Ext.form.field.ComboBox",
    initComponent: function(){
        var me = this;

        if (me.displayMapping) {
            var store = me.getStore();
            var proxy = store.getProxy();
            var model = proxy.getModel();
            me.displayField =; // It is necessary to have difference between the name and other existing names in model.
            // Add new field with mapping to store model
            model.prototype.fields.add(new{ name: me.displayField,
                                                            mapping: me.displayMapping}));

Ext.create("Ext.grid.Panel", {
    store: Ext.create("MyStore"),
    columns: [
        {dataIndex: "id", header:"ID"},
        {dataIndex: "", header:"Name", flex: 1, 
                    editor: {xtype: "mycombo",
                             store: Ext.create("MyStore"),         
                             displayMapping: ""}},
        {dataIndex: "phone", header:"Phone", flex: 1, editor: "textfield"},
        {dataIndex: "descr", header: "Description", flex: 2, editor: "htmleditor"}
    plugins: [Ext.create('Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing')],
    renderTo: Ext.getBody(),

Changed example you can find here:

Does anyone know better solution?

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Combobox drop down list shows empty items when I change displayField to wrong field name. However when displayField is right combobox drop down list is empty. – Dmitry Shost Oct 5 '12 at 23:02
Unfortunately ComboBox uses BoundList that use the collectData method which extracts data from records (see refresh method). So your data object doesn't have the "" property that is why you have this issue. I also think it is a strange behavior so maybe you are better to post a bug report. – Alexey Solonets Oct 9 '12 at 9:22

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