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This is a 2 part question.

1) Is there some sort of program that will download all the documentation with user contributed comments in tact for ofline viewing?

2) I really love using stackoverflow and adding questions that are useful to me as a favorite. This gave me the idea, it would be extremely useful if I had a software of some sort that would basicly let me have an offline version of stackoverflow, not all the topics here but more like an app where I can add topics and store information including code snippets and such in an easy to navigate system like stackoverflow. Hope I am explaining myself properly.

I would like to have a page with topics, I click on 1 and it would load a page similar in format to a stackoverflow page and I could have my own comments and code on it including a search function.

I am considering building such an app in php/mysql but if something exists already I would like to see it as I am sure this could be useful to many programmers to keep track of code snippets and info/notes.

So does anyone know if something like this exists?

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For the first part, take a look at How to host the manual on your laptop for offline use.

For StackOverflow, data dumps are produced monthly. You can use one of those offline.

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that data dump is very nice, not exactly what I meant but still very useful, thanks! – JasonDavis Aug 14 '09 at 0:35

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