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I'm using the MVC Mailer - I have this in my controller:

    // POST: /ExhibitorInterest/Create

    public ActionResult Create(ExhibitorInterest exhibitorinterest)
        if (ModelState.IsValid)


            return RedirectToAction("Thankyou");

        return View(exhibitorinterest);

But I want to pass the model exhibitorinterest to the mailer view:

The UserMailer.cs has:

public virtual MvcMailMessage ExhibitorInterest()
        //ViewBag.Data = someObject;
        return Populate(x =>
            x.Subject = "ExhibitorInterest";
            x.ViewName = "ExhibitorInterest";

Any ideas how I get exhibitorinterest into the UserMailer.cs - so I can add it to the mail view please?

Thank you,


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I did post something similar - but have got confused over the basic example shown in GitHub - and trying to use best practice - so apologies if this seems like a repost - I've now got 3 mail views - one of which is above, so is getting more complicated for me to figure out, and keep it clean. Thank you. – Mark Oct 5 '12 at 20:43
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Think I figured it out - change the signature of IUSerMailer.cs to:

public interface IUserMailer
 MvcMailMessage ExhibitorInterest(ExhibitorInterest exhibitorinterest); 

And UserMail.cs to:

public virtual MvcMailMessage ExhibitorInterest(ExhibitorInterest exhibitorinterest)
 ViewBag.Data = exhibitorinterest.xxxxxxx;

Hope it helps someone else.

Thanks, Mark

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