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The follow line allow me to generate a SecretKey

 SecretKey key = KeyGenerator.getInstance("DES").generateKey();

But I want to generate a SecretKey related to a specific String.

For example

String myKeyStr="abcde";

SecretKey mykey2=keyGeneratedFrom(myKeyStr);

Obviously the SecretKey generation should have a 1:1 link to avoid issue during the decryption.

I have no idea of how to solve this problem.

Could you help me?

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Passwords are not keys. You have to use something like PBKDF2 to derive a key from a password. Even then, it pays to have secure passwords. There is a lot of information about PBKDF2 when used in Java, and the Bouncy Castle library can help too.


Don't forget to use a random salt.

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Do you need any other info AndreaF? –  Maarten Bodewes Oct 10 '12 at 20:53

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