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So, I used Cloudera's installation and management tool to get a 3 node cluster of servers up and running.

I have HDFS running and can see / create directories etc.

I went ahead and installed the Fuse plugin which allows me to mount the HDFS as a file system. Everything works fine. I can write files to the folders etc.


when I run 'chmod 777 ./' in the mounted drive, it doesnt give any errors but when i do a 'ls -l' it only has:

'-rw-rw-rw- 1 root nobody 26 Oct  5 08:57'

When I run 'sudo -u hdfs hadoop fs -chmod 777 /' it still has the same permissions. No matter what I do in any way I cannot get execute permission on any files.

I have disabled permissions in Cloudera manager, and also chown'd the folder (chmod -R 777 the folder also). But nothing seems to be working.

Any ideas?

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Seems like adding: "umask=000" to the fstab mount line did the trick. (also added exec for good measure)


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