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On my embedded system I don't have X11, Mac, Win, S60, etc. I keep getting a NULL ( 0 ) pointer returned from the create method of the QInputContextFactory class. I verified that QT_NO_LIBRARY is not defined.

On my Desktop Qt Build this works just fine.

I also verified that my custom key and parent are being passed to the method.

What could cause this to fail? -->

if (QInputContextFactoryInterface *factory =
        qobject_cast<QInputContextFactoryInterface*>(loader()->instance(key))) {
        result = factory->create(key);

Here is the entire method:

QInputContext *QInputContextFactory::create( const QString& key, QObject *parent )
    QInputContext *result = 0;
#if defined(Q_WS_X11) && !defined(QT_NO_XIM)
    if (key == QLatin1String("xim")) {
        result = new QXIMInputContext;
#if defined(Q_WS_WIN)
    if (key == QLatin1String("win")) {
        result = new QWinInputContext;
#if defined(Q_WS_MAC)
    if (key == QLatin1String("mac")) {
        result = new QMacInputContext;
#if defined(Q_WS_S60)
    if (key == QLatin1String("coefep")) {
        result = new QCoeFepInputContext;
    qDebug() << "Here we are";
    if (QInputContextFactoryInterface *factory =
        qobject_cast<QInputContextFactoryInterface*>(loader()->instance(key))) {
        result = factory->create(key);
    if (result)
    return result;
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Do you have a valid input context plug-in? When you run your application this plug-in needs to be available under $QT_PLUGIN_PATH/inputmethods. –  RA. Oct 5 '12 at 22:11
Wow... thanks that worked. I've been stuck on that for a little while now. Please answer below and I'll upvote your answer. –  PhilBot Oct 8 '12 at 14:49

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Within Qt, the QInputContextFactory class is front-end on loading input context plug-ins. It will fail to load an input context plug-in if it fails to exist, or hasn't been deployed properly. Input context plug-ins are typically stored under $QT_PLUGIN_PATH/inputmethods. As such, if there is no plug-in within that directory, the create method of the QInputContextFactory will return NULL.

Of note, Qt does provide a few mechanisms for customizing the location of plug-ins. Refer to the following for more detail on this:


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