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How many methods are there to change the default home page setting for Zend Framework?

I think there are the application.ini and bootstrap.php files. I am trying, but what do I do if it is not working by using these files?

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If by 'default home page' you mean where a request to / is routed, that can be changed by specifying a router other than the default.

I'm assuming you're using the 1.x ZF library, if you're on 2.x it's probably somewhat similar.

The get a better understanding of how Zend routes requests, checkout the overview of routing in a Zend Framework application, specifically the end of the section on the standard router which shows what is essentially the default route. You're right that you can use the Bootstrap.php to programmatically define the route:

//get the front controller
$front = $this->getResource('frontController');

//custom route
$route = new Zend_Controller_Router_Route(
    array('module' => 'default',
          'controller' => 'welcome',
          'action' => 'index')
$router->addRoute('default', $route);
$front->getRouter()->addRoute('site', $siteRoute);     

To modify the routing from application.ini, follow the documentation of that resource plugin.

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