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I am trying to get the branch name from a given tag. I tried git describe --tag <tag-name> but this doesn't provide me any branch name. I tried using gitk to show to the tags and branch but gitk doesn't show me the tag. When I list out the tags git tag -l I see the tag name exist in the list.

I just want a simple command which can tell me the branch when tag name is provided.

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Tags and Branches in Git are only Labels pointing to specific snapshot of your files. That being said, Tags ain't linked to a branch, but to a commit.

As so, you have to check wich branch contain the commit pointed by your tag, as so:

git branch --contains <tag name>
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A tag is just an alias name for a commit.

That said, this should answer your question: http://stackoverflow.com/a/2707110/550177

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